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I-Kare, I-share; My liver release.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

I do this each morning when I rise- even before my meditation practice.

Sleep is when my body can rejuvenate itself. Gathering the ingested toxins (seen, heard, spoken, ate, inhaled, and thoughts etc.) I have collected from the previous day. To help aid in this cleansing process I have taken to drinking filtered or spring water and adding a whole squeezed fresh lemon. Usually I enjoy this drink cold but sometimes I heat it up slightly.

During this time in my life I can feel within me the totality of processing everything in the world. I practice helping my liver to move out what no longer serves me and bringing in the fresh new energy of the day. This is extremely helpful when I have enjoyed greasy food, abundance of sugar, any alcohol or feel anger, frustration, or even worry. LET GO!

I add a pinch of high quality Celtic or Redmond's Real Salt with minerals for absorption- NO table salt with iodine and anti-caking ingredients.

Hydration helps me feel awake, alive, and getting ready for the day.

Be well

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