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Do I have an outdated experience?

We are rounding the completion of the first quarter of 2023. How are you experiencing life these days? For me this quarter has been a bit bumpy - literally! I have received more colds and body imbalances than I can recall in a decade, along with a full down-for-the-count fall on the sidewalk while walking to the farmers market one Sunday. These experiences have shaken me in a new way and prompted me to sit in them and explore what is trying to emerge in my life. In terms of the fall, I noticed that when I went down my inclination to feel embarrassed and jump back up like nothing had happened was not present. I stopped and laid there to slowly scan myself from head to toe and feel- that was a new behavior for me. I allowed myself to feel grateful that I had not chipped a tooth, scarred my face, or any breaks. As I paid attention, I noticed the absence of what my past reactions would have been, jump up pretend it didn't happen, say I'm ok, ignore the pain, blood, and move on. I also recalled 10 years ago I had a painful fall off my bike on a busy road that left me bloody, limping and scarred. The next day I had to go to work and ignore my pain and discomfort for I had just started a brand-new job the week before. My world has changed dramatically in many ways. The whole experience got me curious on many levels.

This year I have been playing around with change and how that would express itself for me.

My coaching conversations, continued research, and energy balancing are all around thinking about and exploring change, obstacles, emotions, impacts, decisions, and how to move in new ways along with the energy of healing and repair. The beginning of the year I decided that my motto for 2023 was "I Need Help". All the areas of my Life what I call "Life Spheres": Business/ Career, Love/ Family Relationships, Money/ Financial, Checkups/Health, Learning/Education, Rest, Grief, Play, etc. I decided to engage with a Life Coach to help me see new things and ways of making sense of my new experiences.