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Bursting through!

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

I have been a certified coach for over six years. Many people are experiencing new attitudes, behaviors, and emotions (in themselves and others) bubbling up. I have had the opportunity to Coach and work with all kinds of individuals at all career levels and industries due to my background in Human Resources (HR). While some HR people are thriving in the change environment seeing new opportunities and creating new paths others are not. Increasingly, my coaching has been with more HR people who are navigating exhaustion, stress, addiction, sleep deprivation, grief, anger, exasperation, and confusion while still having to deliver results and resolutions at new levels of performance. I see the increase of HR people not only being busier but now with remote work not being able to conveniently stop by a coworker’s office to unpack issues - a missed luxury for some. I have sat in my nighttime, early morning or weekend sessions with my capable practitioners giving them the time to cry real tears, scream uncensored, and sit in stillness to feel the totality of what has landed in their laps in a workweek. The collective call I hear is I cannot think and don’t have time to process. Our invested time together allows them to get out what is spinning in their minds (I invite them to record and playback) and sort through it. Where would you like to start? Sometimes it is deep breathing for space to find a step, path, or direction, it’s their choice. In perfect time they begin to have more awareness of how they show up, how they communicate, and what assumptions they might have made in a situation- what's the movie in the mind. In some circumstances, individuals begin to challenge themselves to be curious, see connections, patterns, and behaviors that were previously hidden to them. Sometimes we sit together without words, in the discomfort of the unwinding while in the awe of trusting the process. Whatever emerges brings the opportunity to choose from a different place- more awareness. Coaching creates a sacred space for people to articulate fully and then begin the process of seeing what is in the way and moving through or to.

Coaches get blocked, stuck, turned around too. That’s why I have a coach to help me see what I am not seeing, challenge me, and to hold the space when I lose my way. Each time I come away with an insight- usually a belief or fear. My insights sometimes come a day or two after my coaching session along with synchronicities or AI? For example, I wanted to build a new website but was stuck in fear and newness of how to organize content, pictures, and my voice, and I believed I couldn’t do it myself. When I worked with my coach, I saw I created the beliefs and blocks in my mind which had no real evidence to back up my thoughts. I was willing to see this differently and begin to create an opportunity to learn. Then within the next couple of days I got an email invite for a free session to learn about building a website! That week I was able to do research and write down questions. Attending the live webinar moved me into action to create. I am clear, grateful, and stepping forward- sometimes leaps sometimes penguin steps.

Please be well and visit for more information and offerings.

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