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Is that true? Who said?

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

I noticed when I published my last article there was an automatic caption stating two-minute read. I remember seeing this notation for the first time on LinkedIn with various articles and I felt that information was helpful in my time management however now that I'm writing blogs, I don't feel the same way. Now, I take my time to read and think about the content shared. In reading whatever the subject matter I question is that true for me.

New experiences open awareness

Today I decided to dictate this blog into my word doc using the microphone. It feels like I am missing a step of connection- I handwrite sometimes. To simply speak my thoughts into a device and have the words type on paper felt like cheating and I wondered how many people work like this to meet their tight deadlines, get their word counts etc. Technology has changed the way we move through the world; in some ways it may make us less conscious about the nuance of everyday life as we rely on these conveniences. I use GPS as I drive around Los Angeles in places that are unfamiliar to me. However, most of the time I prefer to walk so I can gaze into store windows, take in creative landscapes, new home builds, and I especially love wandering in any farmer’s market. I enjoy the change, the smells, the colors, and the nature of it all. Perhaps because I'm not in the hustle and bustle of the traditional working persons routine- is this still true in our pandemic times? Jumping out to create one’s own business affords new luxuries and a new lens on how I choose to spend my time. I have caught more things that are quietly automated or updated and see the ripple effect in my own life. Some use Siri or Alexa for answers or help and it can be fun. When is it a slippery slope? Does it matter? I am still contemplating.

For me, seeing these unrequested notations in my blogging makes me become more conscious of all the messages coming at me. When we write documents there's auto correct for spelling, punctuation, and language- I forget sometimes. But whose language is the standard? I'm not sure how many things touch our life where systems have already automated for us. So, do we dictate to it, or does it take dictate to us and therefore is consciousness rising or diminishing?