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What metaphor describes your life?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

I have been thinking about this after an amazing session with a client. So, the amazing session was for me perhaps. So much insight as I posed the question to myself. Is there just one? Why limit me? How has the metaphor changed throughout my life. The first one that comes to mind was “I’m all in, playing all my chips at the table in Vegas”. I chose to move back east to live with my elder parents. I quit my great job, moved from the beautiful beach where I loved my life, and moved in with my parents at 50 years of age during the height of winter. Anything that could fall out of the sky does in upstate New York. There is also greenery, fresh clean air, and nature everywhere with full seasons. I rolled the dice of my life and sold off my condo, my furniture, then shipped my car and 11 packed boxes back east- I was studying minimalism at the time! I would not change a thing. I got to spend 18 months with my mom before she passed away peacefully and help my dad think through selling the home and move to a new senior living community which he absolutely loves. I got a job offer at a local University to work in my field of work met new amazing friends and now lifelong relationships. On top of that, I received another offer of employment moving me back to the west coast which has allowed me to open my own Coaching and Energy attunement business providing access to my services for all people. Having the honor to work with people to create their own awareness, insights, and move forward in their own timing.

I spring forward like a grasshopper and find out what I need to know after. Every bold move I have made has catapulted me further while still having growing pains and fear. To keep me moving I practice the "what if" and "what’s important" to me. I am a bold, juicy, adventurous, and curious mover. I am driven by the thought of living in regret, fear of the unknown, and living an incomplete life. I would not change a thing.

My life is a laboratory? I seek firsthand experience. I recall years ago, working at a place where when my team gathered for casual talk one person would repeatedly chime in and share someone else’s (my cousin did that or my friend did this) lived experience. I realized I wanted to know more but the person could only share from a limited perspective. I think it was that insight that drove me to live by creating opportunities for my personal experiences. Truthfully, I was not always as adventurous. I did have a time in my life where I lived small, only traveled in my comfort zone, and only did things I was very sure of the end result. That collective experience helped me up level my thinking, believing, and creating in my world lab of direct experience.

How about you?

Karegrounds Clarity LLC.

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