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Is it too late....

Updated: Jan 31

to wish you all a Happy New you - 2024? I have been writing this blog for 5 weeks in my head and just now able to send it out. So much was going on last quarter as I closed my doors in October to travel to Europe for the month and then came back to the hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving, then preparing for the rest of the holidays, and it all caught up to me.

I got really sick with whatever was going around which had me down for the count. It has taken me this long to recover to be able to breathe in and out without coughing hysterically. This was the sickest I recall being and yet it was a real self coaching and managing my thoughts experience.

Let me share.

I was feeling miserable Christmas eve with a sore throat and a fever I decided to lay down and go to bed. The next thing I remember happening was gasping for air through my clogged nose and scratchy throat which felt like breathing through a pinhole. I was so scared I panicked which caused me to hyperventilate and feel like I was not getting enough air-imagine an asthma attack. I stood up and started to walk while slowing down my breathing, really elongating my breath and as I do with clients when they are in an anxious state. As I did this practice my thoughts began to slow down and I began to calm myself to the point I could be ok with the little sips of air. The fear overcame me in one moment when I wasn't sure if I should call 911 or if this was the end- neither happened. The next several weeks I felt better than relapsed and each time I realized it was up to me to manage my thoughts, control what I watched online, reflect, and visualize the outcome I wanted from this whole experience. This is my deep dive into the coaching mindset along with centering practices that helped me manage my anxious thoughts at a time when I need it the most.

I would like to thank each of you for the continuous support with your awesome referrals, Google reviews, wearing our Merch, and sharing our Reiki Share events on social media! Karegrounds is going into the 4th year resilient! I am excited to update you on the 2024 offerings for Mental Health & Growth Mindset Coaching and Energy Balancing needs!

  • Our Monthly Reiki share events will resume in February with a powerful grounding energy for deeper relaxation and clarity. Stay tuned!

  • Our Reiki session appointments will continue online as we serve clients across the US and Canada. Now you can choose from 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions as clients were asking for mini sessions more last year- You spoke I listened.

  • I will be introducing our Mondays Micro Dose (NO mushrooms and just 7 minutes) meditation sessions on Instagram Live IG:karegrounds to help us practice, center, and ground as we begin our week- Please join!

  • Our Executive and Life Coaching sessions and contracts are now rounding out with a new integration of Mental Health- Evidence Based Coaching model for client experiencing mild symptoms of Anxiety and Depression. I am now a part of the Lyra Health platform which continues to grow my offerings for all of my clients.

Let's Intend on the best 2024 for all!

Richest Blessings!


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