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Wishing Each of YOU a Peaceful Grounded Holiday Season as we close 2022.

Updated: Jan 30

A giant hug of gratitude to each one of YOU who helped Karegrounds grow and serve more people in wellness than 2021. All of you have touched me as we worked on healing the body of aches and pains, uncluttering, exploring, and clearing the mind, and becoming more centered and grounded in finding micro times of peace and stillness. It has been an honor to show up and offer what is a part of my everyday practice and life journey of purpose.

Thank you for trusting, leaning in and saying yes. Our clients have stepped forward and called forth individualized goals of more of what they want with gusto this year! Here are just a few who have created newness in their lives by: opening their own consulting business, becoming more confident leaders and parents, couples who are designing the next leg of their empty nest journey together, leaping into their first Executive Leadership role, attaining their PCC coaching credential, creating a livable and attainable financial plan for independence, moving through deep profound loss, losing their last 33 pounds (in mind and body) and finally 9 more clients are trying and continuing with our micro dosing meditation to sustain themselves during times of uncertainty.

Show Me Your World!

This year I was able to travel and meet new people and connect with friends and family as I got to see their world. My father turned 93 years young and I was able to join him in his new home for the first time since 2020! So fun visiting my favorite juice place "Koinonia" and trying Bison meatballs for the first time! My travel journey allowed me to meet and talk with great people on each of my flights helping me be present to all the things that have changed so I could see and experience them clearly. I saw and stayed with my mother-in-law in Youngstown, Ohio and spend quality time in her home for the 5th year anniversary of my former husband passing away. Seeing pictures, laughing and sharing in the good times was heart fulfilling. Next, I saw parts of Wilmington, North Carolina experiencing southern hospitality and kindness while enjoying time on the beach and trying octopus for the first time! My final leg was hanging in Atlanta eating alligator, getting the eyebrows threaded having my first experience with a pizza in an Air fryer!

Arrogance- A Teachable Lesson for Me.

I must have had the travel bug because I found a great flight to Tucson, Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time in over 5 years. I challenged myself to bring a carry on, let the airline pick my seat (middle seat possible) and fly out of Burbank instead of LAX. I had the best time on Thanksgiving making my mom's recipe of macaroni and cheese- baked and fresh cranberries made from scratch. The next day we went out so I could see Tucson for the first time. Whelp this was the only place (Tohono Chul ParK) I was able to see because the day after my friend got Covid and then me! I slowed down completely doing a lot of self-Reiki, Journaling and Om Shiva Murti! I kept up with my twice daily Meditations and a lot of TV watching. As the date got closer for me to travel home my fever was not going down. This was a true teachable lesson in my own Arrogance. All I wanted to do was go home and get in my own bed yet all my needs were met right where I was. I even checked in for my scheduled flight the night before as I was sure my fever would drop- and it didn't. I had to argue with myself in my head "let the parking bill ring up, let the flight go, and when I am healthy I will travel." So, I surrendered and stayed the 5 extra days until the fever broke and was Covid free. It was the right thing to do as I examined my own values of integrity, argued with my arrogance, and my commitment to health for myself and anyone I interacted with going home.

I wish each of you the best of this 2022 Holiday Season and hold the space of Wellness and feeling good in our Minds and Bodies.

See you in 2023!


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